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5350 University Pkwy, Unit S, Winston Salem, NC 27106

Monday- Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm


Auto Repair and Maintenance With Integrity

How We Started

Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc.  is a family-owned business and was established in 2003.

Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. is founded on Christian values and the belief that our customers' safety and convenience are of the utmost importance. We are the Winston-Salem area’s most trusted family oriented auto repair shop. It is our desire to help make your car more efficient and dependable.

Here you can rest assured that your vehicle is in expert hands. Our mechanics have been providing full-service auto repair and preventative maintenance for almost 40 years.

We offer all mechanical services for personal and commercial fleet vehicles, courtesy shuttle, and pick up/delivery services for our customer’s convenience all backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile nationwide warranty

We take pride in being honest to our clients by telling them the truth about the real condition of their cars.

We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing knowledgeable and friendly service, comfortable surroundings and quality results. We serve clients in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point Triad of NC as well as all of Forsyth County, NC.

Get to Know About Us

Our Customers Say It Best...

Our Beliefs and Goals for Our Community

Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. and our subsidiary company Hybrid Shop of the Triad 

operate daily by  purchasing auto parts, business supplies, and 

recycling services from local small businesses whenever possible. 

 We believe in a reduce, reuse, recycle system of repurposing. 

 From printing paper in our office to recycling oil and fluids collected during maintenance services,

 resurfacing brake rotors and remanufacturing hybrid vehicle batteries. 

We aim to keep as much out of the landfills as possible, and reducing carbon footprint. 

 Our shuttle vehicles, and even some of our personal vehicles are now 

hybrid electric Toyota Prius and Lexus RX400H

with reconditioned hybrid batteries and some with new remanufactured hybrid batteries.

We support many local schools, charities, and churches through participation

 in advertisement campaigns, fundraisers, monetary donations, 

and volunteer services like "Jesus Labor Of Love", 

which is a program in which we donate a certain number of labor hours per month 

to repair vehicles for single moms in our community.

We are in the early planning stages of a new not for profit somewhat like "Wheels 4 Hope" called 

"Chariots of Fire-Cars for our Community". 

 We plan to utilize the services of students and interns from Forsyth Tech, 

Forsyth County Correctional "second chance" work release inmates, 

and other apprentice mechanics 

under the supervision of our master mechanics, 

to repair the cars that are donated by people in the community for tax deductions, 

and to give those "technicians" a learning experience that benefits everyone involved. 

 We hope to see this program help all ages and walks of people right here in Winston Salem.

We are the only certified hybrid and electric vehicle specialized repair, maintenance, and hybrid battery remanufacturing 

shop in the Triad.  

Rather you believe that global warming is a real crisis or just the latest trend in social media’s political agenda, the earth’s climate is changing, ice caps are melting, and our natural resources are being used at alarming rates. What can we do? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…yes. Give up our cars and only ride bicycles? Realistically, that’s just not practical.

Hybrid Shop of the Triad’s Story

Hybrid Shop of the Triad...powered by Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. is a huge leap of faith for us in an effort to be "good stewards of the earth". It is our way of reducing not only our own "carbon footprint", but helping other EV and Hybrid car owners to do the same. In this way, we hope to leave an inheritance (this planet, in better condition than we inherited it) for our children's children.

We as a family and as a company, firmly believe that we have a responsibility to protect the blessings we have been given. We feel that by expanding our business to accommodate the growing need for hybrid/electric auto repair, we can help more car owners to see the value in higher efficiency vehicles. Thereby, reducing the amount of fossil fuels and harmful chemicals burned in conventional vehicles and released into the earth's atmosphere.

By learning more about advanced hybrid battery reconditioning and remanufacturing techniques and investing in the world's highest quality equipment for hybrid vehicle repair, we are among the very best

in our field. In some cases our customers choose to replace old hybrid batteries with low functionality with brand new battery modules and some choose to have us recondition battery packs. Saving our customers thousands of dollars on average over dealership prices. And, most importantly, helping to save our planet by reducing waste, keeping nickel metal hydride batteries and the cars they power out of landfills and in our customer's care where they belong, prolonging the life of the car. We have found that new modules in remanufactured packs can last up to 10 years on average, reconditioned modules will last sometimes up to 5 years, but on average last about 2-3 years before efficiency is lost. 

 It's the best win-win situation for us all.

Our owners and management have sold their conventional gas powered daily drivers and have upgraded both our individual 

and business fleet to hybrid vehicles. 

 Thus, we practice what we preach.

Our Goal… Happy Customers, Happy Life!

We will continue in our educational pursuits to become better qualified, certified, advanced, and master hybrid technicians, 

service advisors, and business owners.

We will continue to strive to give our customers the utmost in excellent customer service as we provide exceptional automotive repair service.

We hope to install a charging station in the near future for the complementary use of anyone who owns or operates an electric vehicle, and will list it, (upon completion) online so that it can easily be located via GPS.

Hybrid Shop of the Triad began as our owner and founder, 

Bill Fisher's idea to put the experience he already had in the automotive repair industry to good use in today's technologically advanced and

 "eco-friendly" automotive aftermarket.

Bill wondered how to help increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions. After some experimentation with Hydrogen power, he began to search out other alternative fuel sources for vehicles. Bill also began to research hybrid automotive solutions. He found that almost all automotive manufacturers were focusing less on petroleum power and developing more sustainable, renewable energy sources to power cars like plug-in electric, 

hybrid gas/electric and solar energy.

Part of the solution is to focus on learning everything 

available about Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. 

 Bill began specialized hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment and multiple makes and models of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. 

 He was certified at the Auto Careers Development Center (ACDC) in Worcester, Mass. under one of the world's most experienced 

instructors in the field, Craig Van Batenburg, CEO and founder of ACDC. 

 Coursework included in class, on-line, and hands-on disassembling hybrids, scoping, scanning, diagnosis techniques, finding real-world fixes for real-world problems, and a lot more. ACDC has 3 training classrooms on wheels plus HEVs / PHEVs and EVs at classes. 

Bill has also completed course work in Crown Point, Indiana at

NuVant Systems, Inc. which "designs, manufactures and distributes 

electronic instruments and materials for the energy storage 

and conversion and chemical synthesis industries". 

Bill studied under professor, Dr. Eugene Smotkin, 

and his staff of brilliant scientists.

 Our staff has also completed and been certified in specialized hybrid

auto repair and maintenance training courses held 

through local educators and facilities. 

Hybrid Shop of the Triad’s courtesy shuttle 2006 Toyota Prius and Wendy Fisher’s 2006 Lexus RX400h

The Story Continues!!!

Hybrid Toyota Prius battery pack module voltage test

Bill testing a Toyota Prius Battery Pack

Voltage testing of hybrid Prius battery modules

Most recently Bill has decided to continue following his heart in hopes of expanding the hybrid vehicle approach to saving the world! 

We help people see the value of reconditioning their existing hybrid battery. 

 We aim to teach current hybrid car owners that by reconditioning and recycling we can reduce landfill materials and 

help save the environment at a fraction of the dealerships price!

 Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. and Hybrid Shop of the Triad

5350 University Parkway, Unit S Winston-Salem, NC 27106

What makes Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc and Hybrid Shop of the Triad different from everyone else?

We own the most state-of-the-art NuVant Systems EV-c30 Hybrid Battery Reconditioning and automatic cell balancing machines.  This equipment is rare, and requires significant training for proper use and we are certified specialists.

In other words, we don’t just test cells and replace with new ones, we actually recondition and balance your entire battery pack, rebuild and reuse all quality parts, replacing only what needs to be, road test the unit in our test vehicle under real world stressors and driving conditions.

And we offer an extended warranty program for our batteries for up to five years

 when the dealerships can’t or won’t offer but one year warranty in most cases.


Our team is among the most talented and respected in the auto repair industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Bill and Wendy Fisher

Owners of Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. and Hybrid Shop of the Triad 

Bill has over 30 years was previously employed as a mechanic by 

manufacturer dealerships and is a former Dodge Five Star technician. 

He doesn’t like to brag, and all his certificates and licenses are in a drawer at 

Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. to prove it.

Wendy is our Marketing Director, and is responsible for

 employee services and continuing education for all staff, 

customer and vehicle shuttle service.

Our Mission

At Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. we see it as our mission…

  • To serve our customers and our community.
  • To always give our patrons the highest quality customer and automotive service.
  • To always advise our customers to the best of our ability in how to care for their car, and thus their safety and well-being, with the utmost of integrity, we stand behind every car repair or maintenance service that we provide.
  • To exceed our own reputation for straightforward honesty.
  • To constantly and continually be updating and learning, not just about the ever changing world of automotive repair, but most importantly, about how to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Our vision is to see a not so distant future in which the automotive industry is known as a service of integrity and focuses on human safety and wellbeing as well as conservation of natural resources, reduces pollution dramatically, and continues to provide jobs for skilled workers in an ever growing US economy.

Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. is founded on Christian values and our belief that our customers’ needs and safety are of the utmost importance. We are the Winston-Salem area’s most trusted family oriented auto repair shop. It is our desire to help make your car more efficient and dependable.

Here you can rest assured that your vehicle is in expert hands. Our mechanics have been providing full-service auto repair and preventative maintenance since 2002. We offer fleet services, courtesy shuttle, and pick up/delivery services for our customer’s convenience all backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile nationwide warranty.

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