Hybrid Shop of the Triad… powered by Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc.

We are the only certified dealership alternative in the Triad for specialized repair, maintenance, and battery reconditioning of hybrid and electric vehicles!

Rather you believe that global warming is a real crisis or just the latest trend in social media’s political agenda, the earth’s climate is changing, ice caps are melting, and our natural resources are being used at alarming rates.  What can we do?  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…yes.  Give up our cars and only ride bicycles?  Realistically, that’s just not practical.

We as a family and as a company, firmly believe that we have a responsibility to protect the blessings we have been given.  We feel that by expanding our business to accommodate the growing need for hybrid/electric auto repair, we can help more car owners to see the value in higher efficiency vehicles.  Thereby, reducing the amount of fossil fuels and harmful chemicals burned in conventional vehicles and released into the earth’s atmosphere.

Hybrid Shop of the Triad began as our owner and fearless leader, Bill Fisher’s idea to put the experience he already had in the automotive repair industry to good use in today’s technologically advanced and “eco-friendly” automotive aftermarket. He wondered how to help increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions.  After some “experimentation” with Hydrogen power, he began to search out other alternative fuel sources for vehicles.  Bill also began to research hybrid gas/electric automotive solutions.  He found that almost all automotive manufacturers were focusing less on petroleum power and developing more sustainable, renewable energy sources to power cars like plug-in electric, hybrid gas/electric and solar energy.  

Hybrid Shop of the Triad…powered by Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. is a leap of faith for us in an effort to be “good stewards of the earth”.   It is our way of reducing not only our own “carbon footprint”, but helping other EV and Hybrid car owners to do the same.   In this way, we hope to leave an inheritance (this planet) for our children’s children.

Our owners and management have sold their conventional gas powered daily drivers and have upgraded both our individual and business fleet to hybrid vehicles.  We practice what we preach. Pictured below from front to rear,

Hybrid Shop of the Triad’s courtesy shuttle 2006 Toyota Prius and Wendy Fisher’s 2007 Lexus RX400h

 The Story Continues!!!

Bill testing the cells of a Toyota hybrid battery module.

Most recently Bill has decided to continue following his heart in hopes of expanding the hybrid vehicle approach to saving the world!  Viola…!  Introducing…

We help people see the value of reconditioning their existing hybrid battery.  We aim to teach current hybrid car owners that by reconditioning and recycling we can reduce landfill materials and help save the environment at a fraction of the dealerships price!

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What makes Green Leaf Battery different from everyone else?

We own and use on every retail unit that we sell, one of only two NuVant Systems EV-c30 Hybrid Battery Reconditioning and automatic cell balancing machines on the East Coast of the USA.

In other words, we don’t just test cells and replace with new ones, we actually recondition and balance your entire battery pack, rebuild and reuse all quality parts, replacing only what needs to be, road test the unit in our test vehicle under real world stressors and driving conditions.

And Green Leaf Battery guarantees our batteries for up to five years

when the dealerships can’t or won’t offer but one year warranty in most cases.

Graph of an unbalanced Ford Escape Hybrid battery pack  BEFORE reconditioning

Graph of the same balanced Ford Escape Hybrid battery pack AFTER reconditioning