There are various maintenance tasks that are essential to keeping your car in good working condition. There are also various tasks that car owners tend to put off until the last minute. Oil changes fit into both of these categories. If you’re guilty of skipping oil changes, then read this blog to find out why you shouldn’t miss one again.

Why are oil changes important?

Oil change intervals vary depending on the make and manufacturer of a car and how much use it gets. Generally, an interval of 6 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, is a good rule of thumb to follow, but this can sometimes be extended to 5,000 miles as long as you don’t drive in extreme conditions.

Changing your oil regularly ensures that your engine can run smoothly. The oil lubricates your engine and its parts and stops it from overheating. As it moves through the car, it picks up tiny particles of debris. These build up gradually over time, eventually making the oil ineffective at the role it plays in your car.

What happens when you miss an oil change?

If you don’t change your oil, this debris will build up and the contaminated oil can cause various problems for you and your car. Since the oil isn’t effectively carrying heat away from the engine anymore, a common consequence is your engine overheating. This makes your engine run less efficiently and makes break downs more likely to occur.

With dirty oil, your engine is also no longer well-lubricated. This means that all the moving parts will wear down more quickly. Overheating can also contribute to this. With wear and tear occurring more rapidly, parts of your engine will fail and need replacing more often. If you leave your car without an oil change for too long, then it could go as far as your engine breaking down completely, leaving you needing an expensive replacement.

As well as being expensive and inconvenient, a car with dirty oil is also a safety hazard. If your engine overheats or any of its parts fail while you are driving on a busy road or at high speeds, for example, then it could cause you to lose control or pose a risk to other drivers.

To make sure your car is safe to drive and not too expensive to maintain, check your owner’s manual and change your oil regularly in line with their recommendations. If you need an oil change or any auto repair or maintenance, then contact Bill’s Auto Clinic for support around Walkertown, Clemmons, and Winston Salem.

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