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New Module Battery Replacement Packs

Our Toyota Prius battery replacement units​ are composed of 

all new modules with a life expectancy of 8-10 years. 

 They include a 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

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Toyota Prius Gen 2

All New Module Battery Pack for model years 2004 - 2009

28 cell prismatic module hybrid battery pack

All new modules, bus bars, connections and wires.

All New Modules Battery Pack for 

Toyota Prius  Gen 2   

Model years 2004-2009 

$2334.99 + Tax + S&H

Toyota Prius Gen 2 New Battery Pack
Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

Toyota Prius Gen 3

All New Module Battery Pack for Model years 2010-2015

All New Modules Battery Pack for

Toyota Prius Gen 3  

Model Years 2010-2015

Toyota Prius Gen 3 New Battery Pack

Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Pack

All New Battery Pack for Model Years

All New Modules Hybrid Battery  Pack for

Toyota  Camry  Hybrid​

Model Years  ​2007-2011

Toyota Camry New Battery Pack