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OUR batteries = NEW Batteries

Their batteries = USED batteries

The difference between us and our competition is clear.  We do what is right for our customers.  We diagnose your vehicle before selling you a battery in the hopes that it fixes the issues in your car. 

We also offer options if we determine that the hybrid battery is not the true cause of the symptoms at hand.  

Unlike other companies that sell some form of used "reconditioned or re manufactured" hybrid batteries, here at Hybrid Shop of the Triad and Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. we have new hybrid battery module packs that literally restore your 

Toyota, Honda, GM, or Lexus to like new power, efficiency, 

and lasts for up to 10 years. 

  • We also offer "reconditioned" hybrid battery packs that recycle used hybrid modules through the process of discharging and recharging the modules under computerized specifications and monitoring until the individual modules balance one with another and voltage allowances coincide.  
  • We employ the use of state-of-the-art and highly developed machinery and computer programming to achieve the highest quality modules. 
  • This method can restore old modules to approximately 95% of their original energy storage capacity when new.  However, we have found that on average these "reconditioned" batteries are not as reliable or long lasting as our new modules.  
  • Generally, this option will last for a few months to 5 years at best.


  1. Some companies will sell you a "reconditioned, re-manufactured, or refurbished" hybrid battery  pack with modules that have only been voltage tested and matched. 
  2.  Replacing spent or dead modules with used modules that are basically the same age, usage, and voltage as the existing modules in your old hybrid battery pack.  
  3. These batteries almost never last beyond a few months, and we have seen cases in which they even became explosively dangerous.

Don't be fooled.  Let 

Hybrid Shop of the Triad evaluate your hybrid vehicle and discuss the best options with you directly by calling us at


Toyota Prius "Red Triangle of Death"

When this icon lights up on your dash, it can mean lots of things. Call us for an appointment today!