Brakes play a really important role in the control and safety of your vehicle, so it’s important to ensure that they are functioning properly at all times. When it comes to preventative maintenance for your vehicle, your brakes are something you can’t neglect. We want to help you keep your brakes in good condition, so here are some tips for keeping them well maintained.

Check your brake fluid

You should regularly perform simple visual checks of your brake fluid. Notice whether the fluid level has dropped or if the brake fluid has changed color or has become milky rather than clear. If the fluid level has dropped, then there could be a leak or another problem with your brake system, so take your car in for maintenance as soon as you safely can.

Change your brake fluid

Brake fluid gradually becomes contaminated by moisture in the air, making it less effective. You will need to change your brake fluid periodically. Check your car owner’s manual or ask your mechanic for advice on how often to change your brake fluid as it does vary between cars. Unless you are changing your brake fluid, don’t remove the cap when checking its levels as this will expose it to more air and, therefore, more moisture.

Replace your brake pads

As you use your brakes, the brake pads will gradually wear down over time. On average, brake pads need replacing after driving 50,000 miles, but this will vary depending on various factors. If your brakes start squeaking or making scraping noises, or if the car starts to judder during braking, these could be indications that your brake pads need replacing.

Get them inspected

As well as the basic checks you can do yourself, it’s a good idea to keep up with professional maintenance for your brakes. Have a professional inspect your brake system when you take your car in for regular servicing. If you notice any problems like squeaky brakes, your car or steering column vibrating as you brake, or brakes becoming less responsive, then take your car in for servicing immediately. The same goes for if your brake warning light or ABS light illuminates on your dashboard.

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