Summer is a great time to kick back and relax, but don’t forget about your car while you’re busy relaxing! There are important maintenance tasks that you should be carrying out during the summer months, especially if you’re planning any summer road trips. Here’s a quick idea of what inspections and preventative maintenance you should be doing this summer. Some of these will be quick checks you may be able to do yourself, while others will require the help of a mechanic.

Keep your car cool

You don’t want the AC breaking down in the middle of a long journey on a hot summer’s day, so it’s important to check that it is working properly beforehand and that you check for faults or damage. Parts such as the air filters may need replacing by a mechanic. Keeping the internal system cool is important too, to prevent your car from breaking down due to overheating. Make sure your coolant is filled before you set off on a long trip. If it’s been a while since you’ve completely flushed and refilled the cooling system, then this may be necessary.

Check the tires

You should be checking your tire pressure once a month anyway, but summer makes tire checks all the more important as the heat can increase the stress placed on them. As well as checking the pressure, you should make sure the tread isn’t too work on your tires. You can use this penny trick to make a quick test. A mechanic can tell you if your tires need rotating or if your car’s alignment needs testing.

Top up fluids

We’ve already mentioned your coolant, but you should be checking everything else your car needs. Check the levels of your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and your windscreen wiper fluid. You should also change your oil and your oil filter if you haven’t done so recently.

Make sure it can stop and start

Heat is a common cause of your car’s battery failing, so you should check that it’s in good condition before you set off. Get your battery tested at a mechanics to evaluate if it is likely to fail. And the brakes are another important part to check, so you know you can rely on them for a long journey. It’s a good idea to get them inspected even if you haven’t had problems with them.

You can get your summer auto maintenance completed at Bill’s Auto Clinic. This month, we have a special price for all AC maintenance, helping you get ready for your summer road trip. Get in touch to book a check-up or repair in Winston Salem and the surrounding Piedmont Triad.

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