We’ve probably all wondered the same thing – how much longer can I drive with my check engine light on before it becomes a problem? Whenever you realize or suspect there’s a problem with your car, there can be a temptation to ignore it for as long as possible to avoid paying for costly repairs. But this attitude can end up more expensive in the long run and can cause even worse consequences.

Why you shouldn’t put off auto repairs

There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t put off car maintenance when you suspect something is wrong. The first one is financial. Although it may feel like you’re saving money by steering clear of the mechanics, you’re likely to end up further out of pocket by doing so. A small issue left unaddressed can escalate into a larger problem, leading to a much costlier repair later on.

If you go in for maintenance when you first notice something wrong, then it will probably be a quick and easy fix that won’t cost you too much. The longer you leave it, the more expensive it could become with damaged parts needing replacing entirely.

The second big reason is safety. As a small problem in your car becomes bigger, you are at more of a risk of breaking down or getting into an accident. Depending on the problem, your car may become harder to handle, making steering or braking in time to avoid an accident more difficult. Your car breaking down at an inconvenient time can also be dangerous as well as creating even more hassle for you. Of course, this all leads back to money. A broken-down car or, even worse, a car accident is a big financial burden.

Reactive and preventative auto maintenance

The best way to keep your car in a good and safe condition and to keep repair costs down is to keep up a consistent routine of preventative and reactive maintenance. Regular check-ups and maintenance help to prevent problems from occurring and escalating. Reactive maintenance is that which happens when you notice a problem, and it should be done sooner rather than later for all the reasons listed above.

So, the best way to save money on vehicle repair is to visit the auto shop more often and keeping up a good maintenance schedule. Get in touch with Bill’s Auto Clinic for all your car repair and maintenance needs in North Carolina.

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