A vehicle’s suspension system is designed to keep your car balanced and your ride smooth. Shocks, springs, tires, and more are included in this system. Having an issue with your car’s suspension could lead to damage to your car and unsafe driving conditions. In addition to your regular maintenance, make sure you keep your eyes open for warning signs that your suspension needs repair.

1. Rough Ride

The components of your car’s suspension may be worn if you can feel all the bumps in the road. When you and your riders are bouncing around and noticing more bumps than usual, it’s time for suspension work!

2. Drifting (on Accident)

When suspension components are worn or damaged, it is very difficult to steer your car normally. You will notice your car drifting around corners or pulling to a specific side during turns. It may be hard to even direct your car in a specific direction. This could be an issue with the steering system or wheel alignment, but it’s also a common indicator of suspension problems. Time to get it checked!

3. Low Front End

Most people refer to this as a “nose dive” because you will feel the front end of your car pulling lower to the ground. This could lead to more problems with your suspension and alignment, along with possible front bumper damage to your car. If you notice the front end of your car sitting low, you may need new struts or shocks. If you often hear clunks when you cross bumps, it could be a damaged spring in your suspension system. Let the auto doc fix it!

4. Uneven Tire Treads

If you notice that your tire tread is worn unevenly, it could be due to a misalignment of your wheels or a sign that the suspension isn’t balancing the vehicle properly, placing more pressure on different parts of your tires.

While these warning signs aren’t always indicative of a suspension issue, they still make it dangerous to drive your vehicle. Bring it in for an inspection and repair as soon as possible to avoid further issues!

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