You want to make sure that your car is in safe working order as you drive it around, and it would give you additional peace of mind if you knew that all the other cars around you on the road are in good condition, too. This is why the state of North Carolina requires mandatory safety inspections for the majority of vehicles owned within the state. Read on to find out more about these state vehicle inspections and if and when you need one.

What is a North Carolina State Inspection?

A vehicle inspection is required for any passenger vehicle that is less than 35 years old. Vehicles older than this are considered antique vehicles and are therefore exempt from the usual inspection requirements. Inspections for all other passenger vehicles are required each year in order to meet the DMV’s requirements.

In all parts of North Carolina, this includes a safety inspection. Additionally, 48 of North Carolina’s counties also require an annual emissions inspection in conjunction with the safety inspection. Where both safety and emissions inspections are required, the fee for completion of the inspection will cost $30, while the safety inspection alone costs $13.60. Some vehicles, even in the 48 counties referred to, may be exempt from the emissions inspection if, for example, they are powered by diesel or have fewer than 70,000 miles clocked.

Why is an inspection needed?

Other than the state inspection being a legal requirement for registering and driving a vehicle in the state of North Carolina, it is also a necessary part of keeping yourself, your passengers, and other road drivers safe. Regular inspections ensure that cars are roadworthy and maintained to acceptable standards, helping to reduce the incidence of breakdowns and accidents on the road.

What is inspected?

During the North Carolina safety and emissions inspection, a number of parts of your vehicle will be inspected to ensure that they are well maintained and working safely and effectively. Parts examined to check their working order include:

  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Mirrors
  • Tires
  • Windshield wipers
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Window tinting – for assessment of visibility

Anything failing to meet the standards to pass the inspection must be repaired or replaced before you can pass your inspection and be recorded in the DMV’s database as passed.

Where can you get your state inspection?

There are a variety of garages, car dealerships, and independent dealers can conduct your annual safety and emissions inspections. Here at Bill’s Auto Clinic, we can carry out your official inspection and carry out any necessary repairs to your vehicle. We provide all our services based on honesty and integrity, so we will never push you into services or repairs that are not needed.

For more information about North Carolina State Inspections and vehicle repairs, contact us online or on the phone for services in Winston Salem and the rest of the Piedmont Triad.

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