Once ineffective and a bit of a hassle, electric cars are now on the rise in terms of popularity and usage as the technology used has advanced so much since they were first conceived. If you still have some reservations about electric cars vs. conventional gas cars, then read on for more information about their benefits.

Fuel costs

Although conventional cars are still cheaper to buy than their electric counterparts, electric cars come out on top when it comes to running costs. You won’t have to complain about the rising gas prices again when you can simply charge your car up at home or a public charge point. The prices of this will vary depending on your electricity tariffs and the cost of public charge points, but electric cars consistently prove to be cheaper to run. You will also save money on road tax, as this fee is based on the emissions that your car produces, which electric cars don’t.

Maintenance costs

Electric engines are also less complex and intricate than internal combustion engines. With fewer parts to worry about, less maintenance is required and it is less likely that a part will fail. You don’t have to think about things like changing your oil and you’re less likely to need costly repairs and expensive parts from an auto mechanic.

Environmental impact

Their environmentally-friendly properties are the main reasons why more and more people are choosing to switch to electric cars, but how cut and dry is this? Despite their lower admissions, electric cars still need “fuel” to run in the form of electricity. So, how much better is this fuel source than gas?

That depends on where you live and how that country or state sources most of its energy. In countries like China and India, they still rely heavily on coal to produce energy, while Norway, for example, gets 98% of its energy from renewable sources. So, electric cars can hugely benefit the environment, but not so much if your country relies on non-renewable energy sources. These figures show the comparison of electric and non-electric cars in terms of miles per gallon in different US states.

Plus, electric vehicles are much quieter than traditional cars when driving, which means less noise pollution.

If you drive an electric vehicle or a hybrid around Winston Salem and the surrounding Piedmont Triad, then we can be there for any maintenance, repairs, and accessories that you might need. Contact us to find out more about our services.

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