Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. forms a subsidiary Hybrid Specialty company

To our wonderful, loyal customers who have recently found that when they searched Google for Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. our family owned little shop is listed, but the advertisement box to the right side of our listing shows only Hybrid Shop of the Triad.  Rest assured Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. has NOT changed, moved, or closed, we are only expanding!
In today’s technologically advanced  automotive industry, we strive to not only keep up with the trends, but to be creative entrepreneurs.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with our community, give back whenever possible, and build relationships with customers and vendors alike.
Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. has supported the advancement of our employees to become certified in the repair and maintenance of conventional gas powered vehicles and most recently we have completed course work and certification for specialization in hybrid and pure electric vehicles of almost all manufacturer’s save Tesla due in part to the unavailable tools and equipment designed to be exclusive to Tesla, and for that reason are exorbitantly expensive and out of our grasp (for now).
So, to better serve our customers, Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. is now dividing our business for the hybrid and pure electric vehicle customers.  These patrons will see Hybrid Shop of the Triad at Unit S-2 is being redesigned to house our hybrid battery reconditioning and remanufacturing bays, so that work being performed on these high voltage electrical items can be done safely and efficiently, without hindering our ability to continue to provide the very best service to our conventional vehicle clients. Administrative offices for Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. and Hybrid Shop of the Triad will also soon be completely separate as well.
In May, 2017 Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc. is a  new member of the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce and look forward to the opportunity they provide to learn best practices for small businesses, customer relations, workshops and meetings to network with other businesses in our community.
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